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About Kennebunk Outfitters

Kennebunk Outfitters is not just a store. It’s an idea. It’s built on the belief that a life lived actively, outdoors and amongst friends and family we will be a life filled with joy. It’s the premise that as a store we have an obligation to carry only those brands that create quality products in an environmentally responsible fashion. A belief that employees of both our store and those brands we partner with should be paid fairly and work in an environment that inspires them and makes their life better. A belief that Maine, and the Kennebunk’s community are special and that we are stewards who have an obligation to care for this special place the way those before us have. It’s a belief that you do the right thing. Always.

Run / Bike

Apparel, Sneakers, Socks, Nutrition, Watches, Helmets, Headlamps. 


Apparel, Boots, Backpack, Poles, Provisions.


Coolers, Beach Chairs, Beach Games, Umbrellas, Rentals.


Snowpants, Jackets, Base Layers, Hats, Gloves. 


Apparel & Sneakers.

Fish Rental

Bait & Light Tackle.

Summer Activities

Shirts, Shorts, Hats, Sandals, Swimsuits, Sunglasses.

Winter Activites

Sleds, Snowshoes, Rentals.


Tents, Sleeping bags, Rentals.

Featured Brands